Call for manuscripts for Records, Zoological Survey of Pakistan Volume 24

Records Zoological Survey of Pakistan welcomes manuscripts of original research in Natural History, Environmental Sciences, Conservation Biology and other related aspects of Zoology. Articles are received to the Chief Editor of the Journal and accepted for publication if they have not been submitted or published in any other journal. Manuscripts should reach the mailing address provided before March 31st, 2019.

Instructions to Authors

Manuscripts submitted for publication are reviewed by the referees; it must be understood that you are submitting a soft copy via email or on CD-ROM/ DVD-R by means of MS word for text. Submit figures, maps tables on separate pages and in the software being used to develop it. Each typescript should be in the format of an article with headings, subheadings and an abstract. Authors are requested that their paper should have a title page including name(s) of author(s) and their address (es). The abstract should carry a summary not exceeding 200 words; it should embody the significance of the study, basic procedures, main findings and the principal conclusion. At the end of abstract there should be at least five keywords that may highlight the subject matter. Text should be divided into Introduction, Material and Methods, Observations/Results and Discussion. Tables should be separated from the text and numbered with the explanatory caption, and designated with Arabic numbers. References within the text may be cited following as e.g. Roberts (1997) or Dickworth and Roberts (2003). In case of three or more authors, the reference should be as e.g. Richards et al. (2007). All references should be arranged alphabetically.

References should follow the style as:
Meher, V. M. and Puri, G.S. 1989. Forest Ecology. Oxford and IBH Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta. 304 pp.
Balazs, G.H. and Ross, E.1973. Reared in captivity. Int. Turtle and Tortoise. Soc. J., 7 (1): 6-9 pp. Khaskheli, J. 2008. Freshwater turtle endangered by drought http: // asp?id= 142038 accessed on 16th December, 2011.
Acknowledgements should be brief and pithy. Biological names of animals should be italicized and lists follow the nomenclature of Roberts (1991-2, 1997) or Birds by Inskipp, T. Lindsay, N. and Duckworth, W. (1996).

It is for your information that photographs, line drawings, and other illustrations are published as monochrome unless the color arrangements have been made possible. All articles are edited without information to the contributors. Chief Editor is pleased if the author likes to discuss any matter relating to their articles.
Editors also have the right to publish received papers on the positive remarks by the referees and on merit.
Authors are requested to precisely follow the journal guidelines.
Email your manuscript at the following address:

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