Zoological Survey of Pakistan (ZSP) is an attached Department of Ministry of Climate Change Islamabad, Pakistan. The department is mandated to obtain information on distribution, population dynamics, migratory patterns, status, habit and habitat and taxonomy of animal life in Pakistan through surveys. Maintenance of standard zoological collections for reference, raising awareness among masses about conservation and to providing guidelines to policy makers for wildlife related matters in Pakistan are also major mandates of ZSP. Zoological Survey of Pakistan is responsible for advising the Government on all zoological matters including Conservation, Management, Export and Import of Wildlife. Research on ecology, biology, physiology and biochemistry of important marine animal is also conducted by ZSP. Imparting specific training to personnel of relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations related to biodiversity is also included in functions of ZSP.


PC-1 on the project “Strengthening of Zoological Survey of Pakistan” for undertaking immediate inventory of endangered wildlife species and habitats across Pakistan"

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Mr Altaf Hussain (Director)

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The idea of development of Zoo-Cum-Botanical Garden (ZCBG) was incorporated in the Master Plan of Islamabad in 1968. It is the largest ZooCum botanical garden of Pakistan. The altitude of the area varies between 530 and 800m with latitude 33-5 and longitude 30-6 and 73-8 east.
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